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Course Announcements

IMPORTANT: Lots going sure to read ALL of the announcements this week.
Exam #2 is Wednesday,
October 14.

1.We WILL be doing your ORAL PRESENTATIONS ON Monday, October 5 and Tuesday, October 6 at our regular lab times next week.

ALL oral presentations are due on Monday, October 5 NO LATER THAN 8:00 AM.
Practice your oral presentations - should be about 4 minutes long.

If you have already submitted your oral presentation to the Google Drive and you wish to revise, edit, change or add to it then just re-submit the new version to the Google Drive when you have completed it BY NO LATER THAN 8:00 AM on Monday, October 5.

Please share your presentation with me on the Google drive as below.

If you design your oral presentation in software other than Powerpoint for a PC, please be sure to do a test run on one of the computers in the EBS Computer Lab (EBS 215) or similar PC to be sure that your presentation/software will operate correctly on the computer in our lab. If you develop your presentation on a Mac, be sure to save it in multiple different formats for a PC in Powerpoint, etc. – test it on a PC before you submit it to the Google Drive.
Do not share your presentation with me until it is finished and finalized.


All presentations are due no later than 8:00 am on Monday, October 5.

To share your presentation with me on the Google Drive:
1.  Login to Pipeline and go to the Google Drive
2.  Click the arrow to upload and go to Files
3.  Browse to your file on the computer/drive and upload the file
4.  Click on Share
5.  Type in this email address in the dialog box to share it with me:
(this will also take you to my brbarron@pipeline address which is just fine).

The guidelines for the Oral Lab Presentation are posted on the Paper Guidelines page under Reviews & Skills and on the Assignments page.
You should be researching your topic for the presentation and starting to build it.

ALL oral presentations are due on Monday, October 5 NO LATER THAN 8:00 AM.

2. Our lab THIS week on Wednesday, October 7 and Thursday, October 8 will be a field trip to the Santa Barbara Natural History Museum. There will be no cost to you for the field trip. Originally we were going to study insect adaptations and diversity in a riparian habitat at Rocky Nook Park, but due to the ongoing severe drought in California there simply is not a stream large enough anywhere in SB to do this lab within our lab timeframe.

Be sure to get together and communicate with your labmates to plan carpools for the field trip. Be sure everyone is clear about where and when to meet to make it to the fieldtrip site on time. Please do not leave anyone behind. Drivers WILL drive very carefully.

- Click here for a link to directions to the SB Natural History Museum
there is a map here and there specific directions at the bottom of the page).

- Park anywhere in the regular parking lot at the museum (there is no charge).

- There is no paper lab for you to bring. I will distribute them at the museum.

- DO NOT GO INTO THE MUSEUM. We must all go in together as a lab.

- We will meet OUTSIDE THE MUSEUM at the Blue Whale Skeleton out front.

- Labs will MEET AT THE WHALE SKELETON at the following times (do not be late):

Wednesday, October 7 meet at 11:30 am or
Wednesday, October 7 meet at 2:30 pm
Thursday, October 8 meet at 11:30 am

3. Lab #10 (crustacea) will be due in lab on Monday, October 12 or Tuesday, October 13.

4. Quiz #8 in lab on Monday, October 12 or Tuesday, October 13 will be on terms related to arthropods (both chelicerates and crustacea, but not insects) from Labs #9 and #10 including taxonomy, basic body plan differences and the general type of arthropod in each class, subclass and order and information from the board from the chelicerate and crustacea labs.

5. DUE ON CONNECT: There are several LearnSmart Chapter reading and practice assignments posted on Connect that are due. Check the Assignments page of this website and also Connect. Get these various assignments done if you have not already.
I will be posting more assignments this weekend.

This is the link for how to register on Connect:

This is the link to the document with the link to register specifically for our Bio 102 class on Connect.

6. You should be reviewing the lecture notes indicated on the Bulletins page under Lecture Notes above for the second exam which will be on Wednesday, October 14.

7. You should be studying the following questions from the Master Exam Review Sheet for EXAM #2 on Wednesday, October 14:

#82 - #86; #111 - #115; #120 - #136; #142 - #150; #160 - # 162; #176 - #192; #198 - #215; #225; #241 - #462

8. The first laboratory practicum is in lab on Monday, October 19 or Tuesday, October 20. You must take the laboratory practicum at your normal lab time for the lab in which you are enrolled. As I instructed the first weeks of class, you should have been practicing and studying the invertebrate taxonomy and anatomy every week in preparation for the first laboratory practicum. Review the pictures and quizzes on the practicum pages on this website.

Note: you must know the Kingdoms, Phylums, Classes, Subclasses and Orders for the animals as discussed in our lab meetings.
Use the taxonomy from the board from each lab class.

Be sure to study the following:
- basic differences/locomotion between the four main groups/phyla of protists we studied
- lifecycles of Obelia and Aurelia and their larval stages
- Basic anatomy of ALL of the following: typical jelly such as Aurelia, Obelia, turbellarian, cestode, trematode, nematode, rotifer, mussel, squid, abalone, earthworm, trilobite, horseshoe crab, spider, scorpion, tick, crayfish, crab

You only need know the genus names for the animals in the list below - learn these last and only after you know the other taxonomy well (genus names comprise only a small portion of the total practicum).

Protostome/Invertebrate First Laboratory Practicum Guidelines

Genus list for Protostome/First Laboratory Practicum

9. You should be reading the following chapters in the textbook in preparation
for the second exam - Chapters 2, 3, 5, 7, 8, 9, 11, 12, 13, 14 (parts), 15 (parts), 16, 17, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23

10. We will be discussing the oral presentation, literature search paper and lab practica requirements more next week in class.
Your oral presentations are all due on Monday, October 5.

The literature search paper is due Wednesday, November 18.

11. Tutor hours for Biology 102:
I highly encourage to study with the tutors on a regular basis.
Most tutor hours will be focused on review session and tutorial times the week before exams and lab practica to maximize our resources and best utilize everyone's time.
Tutor hours and review session times will be posted soon.

The Biology 102 Tutors are -
Blaine E. (for lecture/lab assessment EXAM review sessions) - TBA
Jake K (for laboratory PRACTICA review sessions)
Kyle L. and others (in the computer lab, EBS 215) - See Kyle's schedule posted in the computer lab and go ask him questions about Biology 102. All of the LTAs in the computer lab can help you with questions about Biology 102 also.

12. The Biological Sciences Computer Lab (EBS 215) open hours are:

Monday - 8:00 am to 6:00 pm
Tuesday - 8:00 am to 6:00 pm
Wednesday - 8:00 am to 6:00 pm
- 8:00 am to 6:00 pm
Friday - 8:00 am to 4:00 pm
The computer lab is closed on the weekends.

Feel free to e-mail me, Blake Barron, anytime regarding anything about the course at:

Click here for a handout regarding Biology 102 Course Philosophy and Pedagogy

Click Here for the SBCC Seek Help Contact List

Click Here for the Requirements to earn the Biological Sciences A.A./A.S. degree


1. Click here for a link to a schedule of the Fall 2015 Learning Skills Workshop Series
@ the Cartwright Learning Resource Center. All workshops are in the Cartwright Learning Resource Center near the library
on Thursdays from 1:00–2:00 pm.

2. Click here for a link to a schedule of the Fall 2015 Writing Skills Workshop Series
@ the Cartwright Learning Resource Center. All workshops are in the Cartwright Learning Resource Center near the library
on Thursdays from 1:00–2:00 pm.

Come meet new friends and have fun with the Biology Club...                            

Join the Biology Club
Come to a meeting -- there are no requirements for membership
other than a curiosity about the natural world

Next Meeting is:

Friday, October 2 at 1:00 pm

in EBS 209 - Animal Biology Laboratory

Majors and Non-Majors Students Welcome!
We will be planning for activities such as fundraising, field trips, meetings, and community outreach including:

  • An adventurous camping trip somewhere in California in April 2016
  • A local hike to explore the wonders of spiders around Halloween time
  • Volunteer opportunities & local elementary school biology education presentations
  • Bake Sales and other fundraisers for upcoming activities
  • Activities assisting the SBCC Department of Biological Sciences
  • Volunteer activities with the local educational and environmental programs
  • Upcoming SCUBA diving certification classes Excursions to the SB and LA Natural History Museum and SB and LA Zoos
  • Tidepooling and Whale Watching fieldtrips
  • Club hikes on local trails to examine flora and fauna