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Welcome to Biological Sciences 102 - Animal Biology - Fall 2014
at Santa Barbara City College!

Our first lecture is Monday, August 25 at 8:00 am in EBS 309
at SBCC for fall 2014.

IMPORTANT NOTE: ALL labs WILL meet as scheduled the first week of classes.

Note that we will NOT be using Pipeline or Moodle for regular course contact and assignment information. All course information is available and will be conveyed via the website I designed and retain on my server.

The website for the course is:

The course lecture notes and assignments for fall 2014 are being updated on this site until school starts. If you are enrolled in the course for fall 2014, please do not print anything off the site for now except the syllabus and labs.

The syllabus and labs on this website are current and up-to-date for fall 2014.

INTRODUCTION:  Welcome to Biology 102 and the study of the wondrous array of animal life and adaptation that has evolved on our planet!  For most students this is an astounding, interesting, sometimes awe-inspiring and quite fun view of zoology as we know it.  This is a 5 unit course designed for students who are interested in a career in the Biological Sciences or related fields and plan to be Biology Majors.  This course is the second in a 4 course Biological Sciences Majors series at SBCC.  This course also satisfies the SBCC General Education Requirement in Natural Sciences, but you should be aware that this is a very challenging course that will require a significant amount of your time and effort both during and outside of class.  In order to reach your greatest potential in this course, you should PLAN TO SPEND MANY, MANY HOURS OUTSIDE OF CLASS EACH WEEK reading, studying and preparing for this course (a minimum of 12 hours of study for this course per week is suggested).  This course is also transferable to both the UC and CSU as a laboratory science course.  If you are simply looking to fulfill a general education requirement as a non-major, Biological Science 100 or Zoology 122/123 will best serve you as an alternate course.  These courses are both general education introductory courses that also transfer to the UC and CSU as a general education laboratory science (for IGETC). 
For this course, you must attend two 80-minute lectures each week and two 3 hour labs each week. You must enroll in, attend and pass the laboratory as well as the lectures to pass this course.

TEXT: The required text is: Animal Biology, paperback custom edition of Hickman et al. for Santa Barbara City College OR Integrated Principles of Zoology, by Hickman et al., 16th or 15th edition or similar. I suggest that you skim the reading assignments before coming to class and then read the text assignments thoroughly after you attend lecture as you will be better prepared to grasp the material presented in the textbook. As majors students you will quickly realize the tremendous benefit of the text as a resource.

You will find the Dictionary of Word Roots and Combining Forms (paperback) by Donald Borror to be a very useful reference for this course to help explain the etymology of the scientific vocabulary and taxonomy (often from Greek and Latin) that is critical to a true understanding of zoology.

LAB MANUALS: There is a required Biological Sciences 102 - Animal Biology - Laboratory Procedures lab manual (to go in a 3 ring binder) to purchase from the bookstore OR you may print the labs on your own from this course website at home or at a campus computer lab (for a charge of 10 cents per page!!). There is an optional (but highly recommended) lab manual:
A Photographic Atlas for the Zoology Laboratory, Van De Graaf and Crawley, 6th edition or similar. Additional required lab handouts will be distributed on the web and during laboratory meetings.

LECTURE NOTES: A required series of supplementary lecture notes, lab handouts, vocabulary lists, review sheets, and practice quizzes are available for download as PDF files and slideshow presentations from my website ( Please contact me if you have problems with access to a computer or the Internet. Additional required handouts will be distributed in both lecture and lab.

Click here for a handout regarding Biology 102 Course Philosophy and Pedagogy

See below for an announcement of the first Biology Club meeting in fall 2014...

I look forward to meeting you all on Monday, August 25th.

Best wishes for a productive and fun semester!

Blake Barron
SBCC Faculty Lecturer of the Year 2013-14

Professor, Biological Sciences

Feel free to e-mail me, Blake Barron, anytime regarding anything about the course at:

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Click Here for the Requirements to earn the Biological Sciences A.A./A.S. degree


1. Click here for a link to a schedule of the Fall 2014 Learning Skills Workshop Series
@ the Cartwright Learning Resource Center. All workshops are in the Cartwright Learning Resource Center near the library
on Thursdays from 1:00–2:00 pm.

2. Click here for a link to a schedule of the Fall 2014 Writing Skills Workshop Series
@ the Cartwright Learning Resource Center. All workshops are in the Cartwright Learning Resource Center near the library
on Thursdays from 1:00–2:00 pm.

3. Come meet new friends and have fun with the Biology Club...                            

Join the Biology Club
Come to a meeting -- there are no requirements for membership
other than a curiosity about the natural world

Bio Club 2012-13

Next Meeting is:

Friday, August 29 at 1:00 pm
EBS 209 - Animal Biology Lab
Majors and Non-Majors Students Welcome!
We will be planning for activities such as fundraising, field trips, meetings, and community outreach including:

  • An adventurous camping trip somewhere in California in April 2014
  • Volunteer opportunities & local elementary school biology education presentations
  • Carwash and Bake Sale fundraisers for upcoming activities
  • Activities assisting the SBCC Department of Biological Sciences
  • Volunteer activities with the local educational and environmental programs
  • Upcoming SCUBA diving certification classes Excursions to the SB and LA Natural History Museum and SB and LA Zoos
  • Tidepooling and Whale Watching fieldtrips
  • Club hikes on local trails to examine flora and fauna